Spruce Bog, Algonquin Park

Spruce Bog, Algonquin Park

Spruce Bog, Algonquin Park – accessible trail

In my adventures to Algonquin Park I had never walked the Spruce Bog Trail. That changed the morning of October 7th when my brother and I walked the 1.5 kilometre trail. I had always thought of it as boring, flat, complete with boardwalks. Right next to Highway 60 what are you going to see?

Across the road is the Visitor Centre. It was from the observation deck of the Visitor Centre that I saw my one and only bear in Algonquin Park. It was a long way away, in  the Spruce Bog on the opposite side of Highway 60 from where the trail is. Why I never thought the bear could cross the highway I don’t know, but I held this view of the Spruce Bog trail as being  B O R I N G!

Turns out boring is spelled E D U C A T I O N A L.

The first time we walked the trail it probably took a couple hours. Walking takes a lot longer when you are carrying a camera.


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Water flowing through Spruce Bog with evergreen trees in the background

As I said, the first time we walked the trail probably took a couple hours. However, I was so intrigued with what I saw and taking photographs that I left my water bottle somewhere on the trail. Quickly retracing my steps to recover my water bottle it only took about 20 minutes to walk the trail the second.

With Spruce Bog Algonquin Park does have something for everyone.

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