Timeless is the only way I can describe “Portraits with personality.”

Not everyone appreciates the Mona Lisa and not everyone will appreciate a “Portrait with personality.” A fine art masterpiece must be seen, actually seen, to be appreciated. I have always been an admirer of the work of the famous portrait photographer Yosuf Karsh but not until I actually saw an exhibit of his works did I appreciate how magnificent they are. Creating such masterpieces is the goal behind every “portrait with personality.”

There is something special – timeless – about a black and white portrait. That is why “portraits with personality” are only available in black and white. “Portraits with personality” are studies of the personalities and the relationships that make life so special. One of a kind art pieces are hand printed on the finest museum quality rag paper. Just as fine woods are varnished to bring out their character and detail, each “Portrait with personality” receives multiple layers of varnish to bring out the richness of detail and tone. Finished portraits are bound to hard board for preservation and presentation. It is ready to be framed for hanging on your home or office wall.

To commission your portrait, or to learn more, please contact me.

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