Portraiture, whether painted or photographed is an expression of self and of love. Portraiture is an opportunity to express to the world “this is who I am and what I stand for.”

Portraiture is an opportunity to say:

  • I want you to remember me
  • I want to remember you
  • I want to remember us
  • You mean a lot to me

Just imagine the people that love you admiring this portrait.


Kriss Stone Thank you John. I am excited to see the final files. Working with you for the portraits has been great, thank you for making the process comfortable and fun. It was wondrous to watch you work to get the light just perfect, and to see your enthusiasm and passion throughout the shoot in effortless manner.


Susan Chandy Thank you to John Mitchell @ John Mitchell Photography for a wonderful family photo shoot on Friday. What a treat it was to have you create a present day story of our family! We appreciate your consistent kindness, thoughtfulness, humour, care and ability to help everyone relax and have fun! Your dedication to your craft is noted and valued. I am so happy that years of looking into your store window at your stunning photos became a reality 30 years later! Just a quick note to say thanks and we can’t wait to see your final vision come to life!


Snezana Sandy Mlotschek John was recommended to me by a reputable local wedding company when I was looking for a photographer for my wedding. He was exactly what we were looking for!

His creative ideas, professionalism and workmanship are superior!! He truly listens to his clients and strives to capture the exact moment/emotion you are looking for from start to finish in any project. I still get fantastic feedback on our portrait wedding invitations, wedding albums from family and friends. Thank you John!

I have and still will recommend John to capture that special moment!!


Grant and Brodi Morin A session with John is much more than posing for a camera. It’s an adventure. Whether it’s the locations, the exciting ideas, or the myriad of laughs we had together, a day with John Mitchell is something not easily forgotten. He creates masterpieces for everyone he works with. Everyone receives a visual tale of their lives to be shared from generation to generation.


Genevieve Stanley After weeks of searching stores for the perfect pictures to grace a recently updated room, we couldn’t find anything that suited us. We found the perfect landscape at John Mitchell’s Gallery. Then somehow, miraculously, we found three more. The four black and white photos John reproduced for us are now proudly displayed in a wall grouping. Each one tells 2 stories. John’s thoughts when the photos were taken, and the stories we know of what he shot. We could never have found any of this in a retail store.


Dr. Reid Spencer Portraiture is difficult, because the lens does not treat anyone kindly. Every wrinkle, every flaw, is there on display. A truly fine portraitist, and I believe John to be one, sees past the flawed details to the heart of the sitter. We see the person we know–the soul within. To be able to do this is little short of amazing, And it is the essence of John’s art.



First of all it was amazing just to watch John work. Between John running to get just the right light or standing in the creek to get a shot, the creativity and professionalism shows through. The settings and locations were just wonderful. I feel lucky that I have gotten the opportunity to watch a true artist at work. Fantastic!!!!!!


Dayle Hayhoe Just got home and found your gorgeous portraits. Thanks so much. They are amazing!

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