Pictures in the rain – Day 3

Pictures in the rain – Day 3

The rain creates a visual treasure of its own accord; unique and beautiful.

More rain overnight meant we arose to a day just like the previous one.

The dampness put a damper on the start of the day that meant the morning coffee lasted a little longer than usual and there was more time to enjoy a good book. Not a bad way to begin the day.

Then just like yesterday, there was an easing of the rain and I was able to venture out with my camera.

Just after arriving at the Lake of Two Rivers, I had noticed an area behind the parking lot on the beach. There was a little path through the brush where you had to push rain-drenched weeds to the side (and still get wet) to gain access to a piece of eye candy.

The mist on the lake created its own visual treasure on the other side of this little peninsula.

I used a technique I developed years ago with this image. I processed the image in full colour and then created a second black and white image. The black and white image was combined with the colour one and then sepia toning was applied to the black and white. Colour was then allowed to bleed through in precise areas that I wanted.

Travelling Hwy. 60

I then decided to go for a drive toward the east gate looking for opportunities to create images there. It turned out to be more like yesterday than I had hoped, as everytime I stepped out of the Suburu to catch a view in my camera, it rained harder. After I caught these two images I decided it was going to be another good day to bury my nose in my book.

Luckily day four would bring forth a better day and a chance to put the kayak in something more than a puddle. I’ll tell you all about it in the next post.

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  1. Amazing, and beautiful images. If I ever win the Lottery, I will buy a bigger house, to have more wall space, for more of your art.

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