Maintenance day (weekend)

Maintenance day (weekend)

When you ask people what they think the day in the life of a photographer is like they have grandiose visions of just taking pictures of beautiful models or magnificent lobbies all day. On weekends you party at somebody’s wedding and maybe take a few pictures while you’re there. 

Maybe in a movie script, but definitely not in the real world. 

Today is maintenance day, or more precisely maintenance weekend. Yesterday, the computer kept bogging down while I tried getting a clinet’s images ready . I looked at the contents of my hard drive to find only 17 gigs of memory left.  

The computer worked most of the night as it moved over 200 gigs of images from the onboard harddrive to two external harddrives. 

This morning, with over 225 gigs of free space I expected the hard drive to be fragmented. I defragmented the drive in the tower. Moving all the files defragmented the external drives, and defragmenting resulted in the computer chugging away since early this moring.

A lot has been done this weekend. None of it has moved me closer to getting the client’s images ready for them to approve before their album goes to press. 

It’s all part of the life of being a photographer. Not glamorous, but it still has to be done. I’m a photographer and I love what I do, even on maintenance weekends. 

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  1. Oh how I relate!! Nothing like spending a week working on “stuff” so you can finally do the things you have to so you can make money to pay the bills. I love it even more when everything is working great then an upgrade happens and you spend a month fixing the issues that the improvement caused.

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