The “Gaslight District”

The “Gaslight District”

I recently took a walk in the Fraser Street and Grand Avenue area of Cambridge. The area is now known as the “Gaslight District.”

It will be the new “must visit” area of the city and the neighbourhood of choice for those of means. The “Hamilton Family Theatre” located here already, will soon be joined by feature restaurants, event centers, and condos. 

Already the “Seasons Retirement Community” have opened their new retirement living centre on Fraser Street. Many more changes are in the works. 

Of course, I never go for a walk without my camera. Here are a few images of the “Gaslight District.”

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  1. I can only see one photo of the Gas Light District. Trying to visualize it, and think it was on the right side going up St. Andrews Street, just before, or across a bridge. My mom and I went to a shoe store in a wee Mall there, that sold Tender Tootsies, and we bought her some shoes, and winter boots, and some Velcro slippers. I know it had to be on a bus route, because she couldn’t walk very far, and if I remember correctly, it was the St. Andrews Street bus we took. Hopefully someday, I can come back and walk the Galt area. The bridges, and the churches, sure are all beautiful.

    1. Baiba, the “Gaslight District,” is between Cedar Street and St. Andrews Street west of Grand Avenue. The mall you are referring to was the factory outlet mall. All tenants were evicted, and that building is now going to be an event centre, and there will also be condos on that site.

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