Cambridge Celebration of the Arts

Saturday June 16th I took a walk up Dickson Street in Galt Cambridge. The road was closed to traffic. Instead of cars there were vendors. It was the Cambridge Celebration of the Arts.

Dickson Street closed for the Cambridge Celebration of the Arts.

It was around nine a.m. when I took my walk. I had just had coffee and breakfast at Monigram’s Coffee Roasters @MonigramCoffee.  As a result everything was not going at this at this time. There would be more vendors, live music and a beer garden. Yet it was still fairly busy. The Galt Market is right there at the corner of Ainslie and Dickson, so many of the market goers were checking out the other displays while they were at market. Of course it didn’t hurt the market attendance to be drawing from people that came down town to see the Celebration of the Arts.

Galt Market June 16, 2018

The chalk artists were out early and getting a head start on creating their masterpieces along Dickson Street. It is quite amazing what these young artists can create with some chalk and a sidewalk. They have talent.


At the end of Dickson Street I wondered into the Wellington and Beverly Streets parking lot where there were a few more vendors and a car show was forming up. The car show, like most shows of this nature, consisted of a mix of antique classic and muscle cars mingled in with a variety of rods. At the front of the parking lot were a couple of United Parcel Service vehicles. I wondered what a couple of UPS vehicles had to do with a car show.

“In the beginning…”

That’s a Checker car, famous for its roll as the New York City taxi. This one is brown not yellow. It’s where “brown” got started. In the beginning UPS would load the back seat and trunk of these Checker cars with packages and make their deliveries.

This modern UPS vehicle must be from the company’s “hot item delivery” section.

In just a few short hours this section will be filled with people taking in a live performance.

Cambridge has come a long way in its cultural diversification.


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  1. Baiba Coates June 18, 2018 at 3:52 pm #

    Wonderful. I loved walking around there, and the old buildings sure have lots of character. Thanks for sharing.

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