Wrongfully convicted!

According to Merriam – Webster, lockdown is:

the confinement of prisoners to their cells

In this case, many of the prisoners are wrongfully convicted. 

I feel sorry for the innocent. I hope the courts throw the book at the guilty. 

The streets are bare. Businesses are closed. Many will not be able to re-open…EVER.

We have all heard, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” That’s true here. If you celebrated Christmas with someone outside of your residence, you are part of the problem.

With a population of just under 38 million, Canada has had 687,388 cases of Covid 19. (as of January 14, 2021)

Whereas Taiwan, with a population of 23.78 million, has had only 842 cases and seven deaths.  Australia, with 25.5 million people, has only had 28,658 cases and 909 deaths. New Zealand has a population of just under five million people and has experienced only 2,246 instances of COVID-19 with only 25 deaths.

Why are these other countries fairing so much better than Canada? Because people are doing what they are asked.  In fact, Taiwan has kept businesses, schools, and restaurants open during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, in Canada, people are losing their jobs. Entrepreneurs are closing their shops. Senior citizens are dropping like flies. Why? Because we are more concerned with an individual’s rights than we are with their responsibility to do the right thing for society.

We were late at closing our borders, and we are slow at immunization. With drug manufacturers right here in Canada, why are we buying the vaccines from other countries?

Government failure

Are not all levels of government failing us? Is their fear of offending someone and losing votes have them sitting on their hands afraid to act? Is the fear of offending someone behind the confusing and misguided instructions coming from Queen’s Park or Capitol Hill? “Celebrate Christmas with your immediate family only,” or “celebrate Christmas with only those who live in your household.”  Which is it?

As a society, we need to think less about our individual rights and more about what are responsibilities are to do the right thing for good of the community. 

Will you do your part?

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  1. Found it. Beautiful image, of the sadness going on.

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