Who is your portrait really meant for?

Who is your portrait really meant for?

Who is your portrait ultimately for?

Heather called for an update.

I photographed Heather about 8 years ago when she needed an image for her business on line presence (Assante Wealth Management)

We set a time. I checked her office to make sure of lighting and available space. The day of the session they thought I was moving in when I arrived bags and bags of stands, lights, background and cameras.

Everything set up, I did a couple of test shots and we talked. We talked a little about us, catching up and then a lot about her clients; who are they, what is unique about them and what would she like them to think about her.

The portrait is of Heather and for her, but the ultimate viewer is her current and future clients. Heather is an empathetic and compassionate person, which is why she is able to consult and advise her clients on a wealth management plan that takes into consideration their concerns, needs and goals.

My goal: express that in a portrait.

Business Portraits are of you but they are for your niche clients. Does your portrait speak to your target market?

Heather Ferber Black
Branch Manager,CFP,CDS,FMA,FCSI
Assante Capital Management

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