Headshots that make you #BeSeenBeKnown

164_EWING_5_16_B&W_NO_TONEToday it’s not enough to Be Seen. You have to Be Known.

People want to know what kind of person you are and what your business model is. Are you approachable, knowledgeable, fun, or trustworthy? Often they’re not going to wait until they get to meet you to make those decisions. They’re going to jump to conclusions based on first impressions, and those first impressions happen when they look at your website or social media page.

Today it is not enough to have a profile picture, as it only tells them what you looked like at the time the picture was taken, assuming  that it is in focus, has decent lighting, and it’s an identifiable head and shoulders image and not a full body snap from your last vacation.

People do business with people they like, not just people they know.  Today you need  to #BeSeenBeKnown. What’s the message in your portrait? What should it be? Should it tell people about you or should it suggest you are the type of person they are looking for?

#BeSeenBeKnown with a wide variety of portrait options from John Mitchell Photography. Whether you are looking for a simple head shot or a variety of images telling the story of you and your business, it’s available from John Mitchell Photography. Let’s talk about your needs – 519-624-8460

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