Nature’s Whisper

Sometimes we need to sit quietly in order to hear the message that was meant for our ears.

Just a few yards away the water was shouting as it cascaded over the rocks of the rapids, descending to the river bed below. Downstream it will pass through the city of Huntsville. But here it whispers quietly as water trickles over rocks to a small holding pond. The whisper encourages you to sit quietly, peacefully. Relaxing and letting the stress of life trickle away with the water. As you sit quietly you become aware of the rustle of the leaves in the gentle early fall breeze.

 As you unwind and let go you begin to notice the colours of the rock, the various textures, and the richness of the colours brought out by the dampness bathing the ancient rocks. You notice the lines, the triangles and the overall composition of the scene.

Mother nature whispers but the message is lost on many. Only those that sit with her and take in her charms receive the benefits of her whisper.

Nature’s Whisper is one of the four images added to the store this week. Please drop by and have a look at the other additions offered here.

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