Give justice to the “Arrowhead Sand Dunes”

Give justice to the “Arrowhead Sand Dunes”

Recently I added an image of “Big Bend” in Arrowhead Provincial Park to my store. I love it as an art piece with its diagonal lines and textures.

Yet the art print does not reveal the true splendor of the dune and the view from its brink. The picture below displays the height, the massive amount of sand and, and the 180-degree bend in the river.

The last two pictures show the landscape looking south toward the town of Huntsville and the beauty of the fall colours from this vantage point.

I hope this gives context to the fine art print “Arrowhead Sand Dunes.”

For more images visit the store here.

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  1. This is why Autumn is my favorite time of year, specially in the Eastern part of our beautiful country. You shared it, as only you can. Thank you.

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