How did that happen?

How did that happen?

How did that happen? It’s the last month of summer and this past Friday I got my kayak (The Banana Boat) out for the first time.

I’ll admit I was apprehensive. Would I be able to load it on the SUV by myself? Was it safe for me to be kayaking by myself? Would the new life jacket be more comfortable? I was full of doubts and questions. But, Friday morning the answer to the first question was yes, I could load it. Tied down I set out to find Deer Creek Conservation Area, a place I had never been to but heard much about. Ontario roads being what they are, I got lost on my way there as the signage in this province is so poor. When I was sure I had gone too far I kept going and by accident there it was.

Unloading was trickier than the loading but with The Banana Boat in the water and floating I set out for a couple of peaceful hours floating and paddling around Deer Creek. Of course, I don’t go to very many places without my camera. The following are some of the highlights of the scenery that day.

Fisherman on Deer Creek
There were several people fishing as I paddled around. For the first time, I saw people fly fishing from a kayak. I didn’t see anyone catch anything, but fishing isn’t always about what you catch.
Reflections in the water are reflections of life.
Mushroom or toadstool?
Mushroom or toadstool? Either way, it is new life sprouting from the death of another life.
Not all beauty is in the close ups. When you put enough beautiful things together you end up with a bigger beautiful picture.
The water was so clear I could see the remains of fallen trees submerged, but there were a few pieces of wood that just were not going to disappear below the water. They would fight to be seen and bring forth new growth.


In the next month or two I need to make up for lost time and get “the banana boat” out as much as possible, so stay tuned for more adventures and photos.



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  1. Beautiful photos , as usual.

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