The Astronomer – A portrait by invitation.

September 2019 and I planned on joining my brother, Larry, on his fall colour visit to Algonquin Park. I last went with him in 2016, and the colours were magnificent. Health issues kept me from […]

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Halloween in West Galt

This being November 1st means yesterday was Halloween. As I was scrolling through the internet yesterday I came across a post of a neighbourhood right here in Cambridge that was going the extra distance to […]

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The Colonel was invited.

A “Portrait by Invitation” is just as the name suggests a portrait where the subject was invited to sit for the picture.  In this earlier blog post I talked about Rembrandt’s trend of creating self […]

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Imagine rejecting a Rembrandt.

Early in the decade of the 1660’s Rembrandt received a large public commission. Offered initially to Govert Flinck, a student of Rembrandt’s Flinck had died only after making a rough sketch. Rembrandt was to paint […]

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Rembrandt and portraits by invitation

“Almost two-thirds of his entire output consists of portraits of one kind or another ­­— self-portraits, group portraits, single portraits. And instead of being commissioned, the subjects for most of these works were chosen by […]

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Educational entertainment

You wouldn’t think of a drive along the Welland Canal as educational entertainment. I didn’t. I avoided the main highways as I drove from Cambridge, toward the Niagara Peninsula. Arriving in Port Colborne, we sat […]

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The return of the WAFFLE!

It took me by surprise. It’s Civic Holiday Monday in Canada. The first Monday in August. Growing up, it symbolized summer was half over. In the days when we made stuff, it marked the end […]

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Give justice to the “Arrowhead Sand Dunes”

Recently I added an image of “Big Bend” in Arrowhead Provincial Park to my store. I love it as an art piece with its diagonal lines and textures. Yet the art print does not reveal […]

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Nature’s Whisper Sometimes we need to sit quietly in order to hear the message that was meant for our ears. Just a few yards away the water was shouting as it cascaded over the rocks […]

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Do you remember winters like this?

OXTONGUE RAPIDS – WINTER 2019 Do you remember old fashioned winters where snowbanks were so high you thought you could touch the phone lines? Did you ever have to fight to free yourself from snow […]

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