…an artist in the work you create

…an artist in the work you create

2797_K&K_Jun-14-2014-“…you must define yourself as an artist in the work you create.”

A wisdom that only comes with age…

I was reviewing a stack of notes from various seminars, webinars, and things I came across on the internet. One really struck a chord with me and I now hope I have an opportunity to attend one of Arthur’s workshops.

These are not my words, but the words of Arthur Rainville (his website: http://www.studiorainville.com/)

Wicked old philosopher guy named Seneca wrote;

‘Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.’

So as I mature…seems like maturing is kinda happening too fast now…I embrace the thought that I have been gifted…Period! I have been gifted X-amount of days on this sweet planet…so focused now on not messing up any, wasting any, not appreciating each and every moment of each and every day. God how I wish I had had this vision on life 50 years ago…how much more would I have accomplished, how much more would I have contributed to my world, how much more would I have…lived! Ya, the old story…lots of days equals the thing called wisdom.

I often wrap up my posting lately with…Live, Love’n Laugh… and I truly believe with my whole heart, I have. Could I have lived more, loved more, well, maybe not laughed more…? Guess we all fit snugly into these not so little categories. But if we start in this very instant to “Keep Score”…do the little mental check off list…some call it prayer…and acknowledge our high and lows of the day, our blessings, savored and shared…and our good intention offerings cast out on a turbulent sea…well, we can call it a life of good purpose. We often watch the news these  days and lament the sad or terrifying state of the world. And we know that little ole us can’t do much to affect any grand outcome. But we can affect our world…how we embrace each and every fellow woman, man, we encounter. Even if we pause long enough to offer a simple smile, and encouraging word, oh go ahead…give ‘em a damn hug…their world, our world, will be just a little nicer place to breathe.

I don’t want these little ditty postings to seem preachy…I’m just hitting my almost 70 yr. encounter with the sunrises ahead of me.

Be glad and rejoice in it already…or get over it. Like my God, I just want you to be happy, be at peace, just be…”


His words bring an understanding to an old German saying my parents had hanging in their home as I grew up. It said “Ve get too soon olde, and too late schmart.”

In researching the works of Arthur Rainville I learned that he was a second generation photographer that perfected two different styles of portraiture which he offered to the market. He did not try and be everything to everybody, but rather found two unique styles that he honed and refined and made his own. He accepted that his work would be appealing to a smaller audience but those that liked it wouldn’t just like it, they would love it!

He knew and perfected “It’s all about the harmonic resonance that you set up between yourself and the subject you’re about to portray.” And in order to accomplish this he realized it was true that the “planning session often takes more time than the portrait session.”

He goes on to say “This kind of work only happens when you, the photographer, realize that you must define ‘yourself as an artist in the work you create. That boils down to discovering your distinct visual style…Once you figure out how you like to make pictures, then you have a marketable style. The problem with a very distinct style is it excludes a lot of people. You’re not going to be right for every client, and you have to be OK with that.”

Now I have to go and refine my style.  Stay tuned.

331_Aug-22-2014-1-1My name is John Mitchell and I am a Storyteller, an Artist, and a Photographer. Without a story an image has no message-lacks purpose, and can’t be considered art. I can’t create a piece of art featuring you until I know your story. Together we can tell that story through the magic of photography. What’s your story. Let’s have coffee and talk about it.


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