Proud of what I do

Proud of what I do

Feeling Proud – Yes I have to admit my head maybe swells a little when I see portrait I created as big as a bus.

I am proud of the fact that the skin tones are real not orange or pale and washed out. I am proud that my years of training allows me to light a face in a manner that gives it shape and depth, not making it look flat or like a manikin. Most important I love the fact that I have created an image that helps someone tell their story and promote their business services.

When preparing and image for usage on a bus or billboard I believe the image has to be first rate. If it’s too small the image will have too much noise or grain. If the background hasn’t been properly removed it will have the tell-tale glow around the head.

Thanks Nina for the opportunity of creating this image for you. I hope it brings you a lot of new client.

If there I can help you promote you and what you do you can reach me here or call me at 519-624-8460. For other samples of my business portraits see my website.


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