Time and change

Time and tide wait for no man – Geoffrey Chaucer

Keep up with the times or fall behind and become irrelevant. How many times have we heard that? Yet, it becomes increasingly more difficult with today’s rapid changes in technology.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it comes down to picking your battles. Which battles must you win to stay relative? Which technology must you keep up with? For me, staying up to date with the software used in processing my images is a battle I cannot afford to lose. As such I have spent a good portion of the last two days working through a tutorial on the software I use for processing my RAW captures. I confess I learned a few new tricks, even if I am an old dog.

Yet I was discouraged by some of the adjustments or processing steps that were being recommended on the sample images. Today, there is far too much “I can fix that in Photo-shop” mentality resulting in hours being spent correcting what could have, and should have been easily adjusted at the time of photography resulting in a much better image.  I am a firm believer in the less that is done in processing the better the image will be.

I can’t deny, however, each upgrade or version of a software usually results in some improvement – big or small. Staying up to date is therefore so necessary.

Testing the waters.

One of the best ways to test what you have learned about processing files is to revisit an image you created years ago and see how you handle it with today’s technology and knowledge. With this in mind I revisited a session I did with Selina in May of 2014. The image I selected I had completely rejected 5 years ago.

The original file of a vertical image with adjustments that I would have made 4 years ago.

The same file today with changes to the crop, colour temperature, as well as modifications to contrast, saturation, etc.

Never stop learning. It is one of the things that keeps life interesting.



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