Does your business portrait brand you?

Does your business portrait brand you?

Do you remember when branding was something we did to cows?

Today it seems every business has to have a brand. Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and entertainers all have to have a brand. 

Branding photography is now big business. So what is the difference between a business portrait and a branding portrait? Personally, I don’t believe there is a difference. Business portraits should always have helped establish your brand, but many failed to do that. 




Since successfully completing the Seth Godin “Marketing Seminar” I have realized the sole purpose of a business portrait is to communicate a specific message to the smallest viable portion of the market possible. Showing people what you look like is a giant fail. 


I have created so many portraits where the subject, a salesperson or entrepreneur, has told me exactly the type of image they are looking for. Often, “I look better from my left side so take it this way.” These same people have no problem hiring a business coach or consultant but seem to be insulted by the idea that a photographer might know best what kind of a business portrait they should have. They know their business.

The first and biggest mistake they make is they forget who the portrait is for. They think it has to satisfy them. 


So how many images does it take to brand you and your business? That depends on the size and diversity of your clients. After all, that is whom the portrait has to satisfy, not you.

Let me ask you; if you were selling a book, would your portrait get you picked off the shelf, or would you be passed over?

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