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ACCKWA want to run a Consumption Treatment Site (CTS) at 150 Main Street here in OUR city of Cambridge Ontario. They are seeking the support of their application and hosting a ZOOM Consultation. 

I’m not sure how they get away with calling this a consultation. First, it’s only open to residents and businesses located within a 200-meter distance of 150 Main Street. Second, they say “provide feedback to support our application for a CTS site at 150 Main Street, Cambridge.”  So if you don’t support their application they don’t want you at their meeting. 

They go on to suggest you submit your questions prior to the meeting. Well, I’m pretty sure I won’t be invited to their meeting but I submitted a couple of questions anyway. I’m not holding my breath waiting for answers. 

Why is your meeting only open to those that live or have a business within 200 meters of 150 Main Street when a CTS site would have a negative impact on the entire city?

If a person enters the CTS site to safely inject with an illegal drug and then goes out and commits a crime can ACCKWA be charged as a co-conspirator or accomplice? 

If following the opening of a CTS site a business finds they have fewer clients and previous clients tell them that they don’t come downtown anymore because of the drug addicts, can they sue ACCKWA for loss of income?


I was surprised when I received a response from ACCKWA today (February 16, 2023) informing me they would be holding a second meeting, following the same format and it would be for all other residents not included in this meeting. 

I think we are all aware of the steps that have led us to this point. 

The city did a survey, asking where a CTS site should be located. Seventy-five percent of respondents were against a CTS site and most didn’t want it anywhere in the city. 

A rally was held in the square in front of city hall with the theme of “take back our city.” People were upset with crime, needles and vagrants. The mayor, Kathryn McGarry, was conspicuously absent that day.

McGarry and company blindsided the citizens of the community and two city councilors, who were elected to represent their constituents, when they proposed the address of 150 Main Street as the proposed site of the CTS site. 150 MAIN STREET WASN’T EVEN ON THE TABLE.

We must fight now to take back and save our city. We need to stop the crime, stop vagrants and homeless from sleeping on our streets, and say NO to drugs in our city. Enabling or encouraging the injection of mind altering illegal drugs endangers our citizens and the safety of everyone in our core areas. It does nothing to aide people to be responsible self sufficient members of society. 

February 17th, 2023

Today, on Facebook, the page CambridgeToday did a behind the scenes post reporting that Food Basics has lost over $250,000.00 to shoplifting in the past year. That’s more than $4,800.00 per week. This is what it’s costing you and me because of homeless and drug addicts in our community that have no intention or desire to be responsible members of society. We have all heard success in business can largely depend on LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! In this case the location is right in the vicinity of The Bridges homeless shelter, and location might very well be the downfall of the business. 

How often have you been told we need to be tolerant and understanding. Well, tolerant and understanding isn’t working. Perhaps it’s time for tough love. 

Speak up now! 

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