There are no accidents

There are no accidents

There are no accidents. There may be mistakes, but there are no accidents.

I’m reading a book right now by Steven Pressfield – “NOBODY WANTS TO READ YOUR SH*T AND OTHER TOUGH-LOVE TRUTHS TO MAKE YOU A BETTER WRITER”.  The title would suggest that I’m wasting my time writing this because your not reading it.  So right now you are either proving Pressfield right or wrong.

Maybe if I become a better writer you’ll be more likely to read it. That being said today I will for the most part spare you the pain of my dribble and quote more and write less.

In the words of Pressfield in “NOBODY WANTS TO READ YOUR  SH*T” Chapter 24, page (37) – in my copy.


I remember the first time I saw a script for a TV commercial.

There were characters, there was a dialogue, there was the description of what action would happen.

I was dumbstruck.

You mean the actors don’t just make up their lines on the spot? How can this be? It’s all planned out? Where they stand? What they do? What they say?

I was tremendously disappointed and, at the same time, I felt terribly foolish. How could I not have known this? Of course there’s a script. Of course it’s all planned out in great detail.

Nothing is spontaneous. Everything is the product of deliberate conception, deliberate thought. Steve, you’re an idiot to have this surprise you.

That was a big lesson and one that applied down the line in every creative field.

Art is artifice.

Composition based on rule of thirds.

“Photojournalism captures what you are doing while classical photography captures who you are.”


Expressing you isn’t an accident that just happens. It’s a conscious and deliberate effort in expressive illustration.

I illustrate personality


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