Great portraits – Great people
Princess Elizabeth, 1951 by Yousuf Karsh

Great portraits – Great people

The original “In Search of Greatness” is an autobiography by the great portrait master photographer Yousuf Karsh, published in 1962.

As I reflected on Queen Elizabeth II lying in state this week I thought of Karsh and the great people he photographed. I recalled seeing at least one portrait of Queen Elizabeth that Karsh had created and wondered if there were others. A Google search came up with the following:

Princess Elizabeth by Yousuf Karsh 1943

A beautiful portrait using broadside Rembrandt light. There is a similarity between the way the background has been handled behind the head and the portrait of Churchill also done by Karsh.

Princess Elizabeth, 1951 by Yousuf Karsh
Princess Elizabeth by Yousuf Karsh – 1951

Yousuf Karsh’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth


A young royal family by Yousuf Karsh
Queen and Prince Philip by Karsh

Karsh went looking for “great people” and created portraits worthy of their greatness. Queen Elizabeth certainly qualified.  Great portraits stand the test of time, just like great people.

R.I.P. your magesty.

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