You are photogenic

Cookie – cutter photography is good for photographing cookies, not people.

You are photogenic. Cookie cutter photography says most people will look good with a short-side loop light set up. To do that you put one light behind the camera with a big umbrella and one light camera left raise it 6 feet off the ground and put another big umbrella on that.

Remember your school pictures? Cookie – cutter photography. Remember how many of your classmates thought they were not photogenic? Cookie – cutter photography.

You weren’t punched out of a mold.

You are a one of a kind unique blend of your mother’s ancestry blended with the ancestry of your father. There is no other you. Not even identical twins are a perfect match.

It’s not my fault!

How many times did we say that growing up? Yet when it comes to our portraits we’re quick to accept that it’s our fault and we’re just not photogenic. Thousands of egos have suffered unquestionable damage thinking they are not photogenic, when in fact all along it was the photographer’s fault. How do you put an off-the-rack suit on a one of a kind body?

Remember the photographers that couldn’t even focus the camera, they had strings tied to the tripod

You have the power and time to change this.

There is still time to undo the damage and at the same time make sure your children or grand-children don’t suffer from the same bruised egos caused by cookie cutter photographers.

Nobody is perfect, but real photographers no how to reduce the impact of crocked noses, eyes that aren’t the same size, smiles that aren’t perfectly straight and an array of other characteristics that signal the unique you that everyone knows and loves.

You are photogenic. To prove it you need to hire an artist instead of someone that will try and jam you into a mold you don’t fit.

Hi, my name is John Mitchell and I illustrate personalities.

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  1. Baiba Coates September 9, 2018 at 8:40 pm #

    Perhaps that is why I never like getting my picture taken, because I look worse in a photograph, than when I look in the mirror. Not that great either, but I can walk away from the mirror. lol Congrats on your certificate, not that I thought you needed it. Cheers my friend.

  2. Stephen St. Amant September 10, 2018 at 9:03 am #

    These are great thoughts, John! What a wonderful new perspective I have on the idea of being (or not being) photogenic.

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