What would you do?

What would you do? I want to know.

Thirty-five years ago when I was deciding to move my studio into a store front location, one of the chores facing me was deciding on a sign for the front of the store. Early branding I guess it could be called.

In conversation with a number of people on possible names as well as logos it was my brother that said “use your signature – it’s how you sign all your portraits and it’s what people  are used to seeing.” That answer won out over all the other choices. (I’m not even going to mention those because I don’t want to get into a debate as to whether the original choice was right or not.)

Well, if it’s going to be on the front of the building it can’t just be any signature; it has to be your best signature. I signed pieces of paper until my hand was sore. Different paper. Different pens. Different inks. Finally, using a fountain pen with black ink on smooth paper we came up with the last name written, JOHN and PHOTOGRAPHY in block capitals. That sign hung on the front of the building for 25 years.

In early 2002 I switched to digital photography and began digitally signing my images. Again countless attempts at signing my name on a Wacom tablet were made before a signature worthy of saving resulted. I never changed the sign on the front of the store but the logo on all the business cards, hand out pieces, etc., were changed to this:

Over the years the font on PHOTOGRAPHY has changed a couple times but otherwise it has been the same.

So last week I had the idea of modernizing the brand a little bit. Freshen it up so to speak. So I put it out there and this is what they have come back with:

So what do you think. Do you like the old or do you like the new. Let me know; I value your opinion.

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  1. The new one is very nice, but the original one is what speaks volumes, about your work, so in my opinion, it should stay. That has been ` you ` for many years. Just my opinion.

  2. Like the old one

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