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Feeling appreciated by your clients is one of the best assets of any business, particularly when what they are investing in is your creativity.

I received a notice through my web-site contact page that said something getting some portraits done. It was a little sketchy and vague on details. I responded trying to be polite and get more details. The details I got were something to the effect that “my mom wants to get family portraits done.” I got mom’s e-mail address, and then got an e-mail from her.

“My son…emailed you today. I had be hoping we might be able to have family portraits done but I never imagined that such a highly esteemed professional, like you would have a spare moment…We are hope to have a few shots done together…thanks again for this potential gift.

The e-mail went on to talk about a location that was special etc. We shared some ideas on location, clothing etc. The time frame was limiting. There were only two days that would work; November 21st and 22nd. I was watching the weather forecast and hoping for the best. It snowed a few days before, and then warmed up a bit.

On the 21st I arrived on site an hour before the session was to begin. I studied the light, scouted the area and decided that depending what the clouds did these were my options. I had brought a wide push broom with me and set out knocking snow and ice of a picnic table that I might be able to use (if the clouds stayed heavy) at the right time. I went down to the dock and swept the snow and slush off ½ the dock hoping the sun would come out long enough to dry the wood on the dock.

I made a decision on my first location and began setting the equipment. The client arrived and by using a combination of available light and off camera bare bulb exposure I got the shots I wanted for the individual portraits.

We moved to the dock put together the composition. I made a series of exposures using a mix of available light and off camera flash from an octagon softbox, refined the pose a little and made another series of exposures. Light snow began to fall. I no sooner announced “that`s at wrap” than the light snow became a short lived blizzard.

A couple weeks later I went to their home and projected the images so they could see them in actual sizes. The decisions were made on which portraits would be going on the wall. Dad was out of town at the time so the images were uploaded so he could confirm he liked the choices. Before Christmas I was went to their home with the finished portraits. I loved watching their reaction as I showed the finished enhanced images that I had hand printed, sealed for protection and longevity and mounted on hardboard.

It was nice feeling appreciated and valued. It was nicer knowing a new client had wall portraits of their well loved family to display on their walls. #ILoveWhatIDo #StorytellerArtistPhotographer #PortraitPhotographer

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