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Does it have clarity? Right away when I wrote this I thought “is it in focus” and I guess photographically that is the obvious way to thinking of clarity. Is that important? Absolutely. I have […]

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Cambridge Ribfest 2019

The Cambridge Ribfest is the Rotary Ribfest This past weekend was the Cambridge Ribfest 2019. I believe this is the fourth in what has become an annual event. At the same time there was a […]

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Photography at the 120 Club

Live show photography – meeting the challenge head on I have a very talented friend who performed a one man (plus accompanist) show at the 120 Club in Toronto on May 19th, 2019.  Reid asked […]

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Which box are you in?

Which box you are in? Do you think in the box or outside the box? Go ahead and leave a comment. Start a discussion.

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Forgive Me

Forgive me of using my blog for a non business, non photographic purpose. Well sort of. There will be pictures and photography is a visual art form used to tell a story, and hopefully there […]

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Age and Responsibility

Advantages come with responsibilty Growing in years has many pitfalls. Ask any “old” person. “Old” is subjective. Teachers are “old” to their students, yet they may have only finished their own education within the last […]

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It’s the season of bridal shows

  Bridal Show Season – You won’t find it on most calendars. Bridal show season; it has started. The first weekend of January has just passed and with that we are deep into the bridal […]

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…an artist in the work you create

“…you must define yourself as an artist in the work you create.” A wisdom that only comes with age… I was reviewing a stack of notes from various seminars, webinars, and things I came across […]

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Photography in Art

When an artist takes a photograph, it is just their choice of medium. So why is it so hard to accept photography as art? This past week I took a day to visit the McMichael […]

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Storyteller. Artist. Photographer.

Storyteller. Artist. Photographer. Which comes first? I got an e-mail from Judy. In part it read “It’s just a germinating idea right now but I would love to get some exceptional pictures… Maybe we could […]

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