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I’m not a play thing

It was in the late 1980’s. I was taking on pretty much any photographic assignment I could find in order to pay the bills. I picked up the phone when it rang to hear the […]

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Mammoth favourite

The Big Dump Impressive! Created for Komdresco Manufacturing in Cambridge in the late 1980’s, this image of a welder working on a dump box for a mining truck needed to express the mammoth task of […]

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Favourites; every photographer has them. Favourite images, some took hours or even days to plan out and execute. Others happened so quick there was no time to plan anything. But they all have one thing […]

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Engaging Portraits – Sample Four

 In a previous blog “Engaging Portraits” I talked about unique lighting for each portrait. In the beginning, near everyone starts out with the same body parts, but that’s where the similarity ends. We are not […]

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Are you getting picked off the shelf?

Is your image getting you picked off the shelf or are you still sitting there with all the other books? Recently my wife and I went to Chapter’s Bookstore just to browse around. I wasn’t […]

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Storyteller. Artist. Photographer.

Storyteller. Artist. Photographer. Which comes first? I got an e-mail from Judy. In part it read “It’s just a germinating idea right now but I would love to get some exceptional pictures… Maybe we could […]

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