November 14 Super Moon


November 14, 2016 was the biggest “Super Moon” since 1948. It will be decades before it happens again.

I went out with the hopes of photographing this occasion, but unfortunately mother nature had other ideas. Although the view was clear the previous evening in our area, last night the clouds rolled in, but I was hopeful.

I chose my spot, on a hill in

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Seeing as an artist helps

Queen Street

Seeing as a artist helps and looking at art is a good place to begin

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Trooping the Colours – RHFC

150th Anniversary The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
Trooping the Colour

On Sunday, September 18, 2016 I attended an event that I had never heard of before. Its name – The Trooping of the Colour.

The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada celebrated their 150th Anniversary this weekend.

Originally formed as the 29th

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Special Delivery This Week

Finished, framed, and ready for the wall.

Special delivery of a special portrait.

I am looking forward to delivering a special portrait to a client this week. All portraits are special, but this one’s a little different; it’s a “fine art” portrait.

What’s different about a “fine art” portrait

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Engaging portraits strengthen business relations

Here we have a combination in that although you have direct eye contact, you are also doing something so there is a bit of the feeling of observing.

#BeSeenBeKnown – Engage your clients in a positive way

How’s your image? Is it engaging, making perspective clients want to know what you’re about? Will your portrait start a conversation or peak interest?

Having an engaging portrait begins with you being engaging. A fine art portrait is a careful collaboration

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The Whole Story

I recently had the honor of updating the portraits for a long time client. In this case the portrait of the entire family on the front lawn becomes the feature image.

The whole story is different for each individual.

Different people will chose different options to get the maximum pleasure from a particular car.  Likewise, when choosing portraits of your family, not everyone will want the same images. But, the images they chose can still tell the whole story from

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Headshots that make you #BeSeenBeKnown

Today it’s not enough to Be Seen. You have to Be Known.

People want to know what kind of person you are and what your business model is. Are you approachable, knowledgeable, fun, or trustworthy? Often they’re not going to wait until they get to

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…an artist in the work you create


“…you must define yourself as an artist in the work you create.”

A wisdom that only comes with age…

I was reviewing a stack of notes from various seminars, webinars, and things I came across on the internet. One really struck a chord with me and I now hope I have an opportunity to attend one of Arthur’s

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June – The best time for outdoor portraits


Great outdoor portraits can be done at any time of the year but one of my favourite times for creating these images is the month of June. Why June:

  • The best light of the day is early morning and late evening. There’s more of that light in June than any other time of the year.
  • The colours are lush. The greens are vibrant and the grass hasn’t started to burn off in the heat of July.
  • Everyone is excited about the coming of summer. Kids are excited about being out of school. Parents are thinking of cottages and vacations.

And one more reason you should like June for your portraits, in June you can save $143.- and help the

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The lighting crew didn’t show up.


You’re in your seat waiting for the performance to start.

You’ve had tickets for months and fondly anticipated this live performance. Just before the show starts the master of ceremonies steps on stage announcing the lighting crew didn’t show up for tonight’s performance. They will proceed anyway, but

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