June – The best time for outdoor portraits


Great outdoor portraits can be done at any time of the year but one of my favourite times for creating these images is the month of June. Why June:

  • The best light of the day is early morning and late evening. There’s more of that light in June than any other time of the year.
  • The colours are lush. The greens are vibrant and the grass hasn’t started to burn off in the heat of July.
  • Everyone is excited about the coming of summer. Kids are excited about being out of school. Parents are thinking of cottages and vacations.

And one more reason you should like June for your portraits, in June you can save $143.- and help the

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The lighting crew didn’t show up.


You’re in your seat waiting for the performance to start.

You’ve had tickets for months and fondly anticipated this live performance. Just before the show starts the master of ceremonies steps on stage announcing the lighting crew didn’t show up for tonight’s performance. They will proceed anyway, but

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Portrait Style


A portrait Style that is recognizable is a goal photographers strive to achieve.

I’ll never forget the feeling I had the first time someone commented to me “you have a very recognizable style.” Really? I didn’t know I had a style, never mind one that was recognizable. It’s been something that I have

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Photography in Art

Light on Pine Needles

When an artist takes a photograph, it is just their choice of medium. So why is it so hard to accept photography as art?

This past week I took a day to visit the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery once again. These visits are far too rare, in my opinion, as I find them educational and therapeutic.

Before I actually talk about this visit I should comment on my August outing

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Storyteller. Artist. Photographer.

A picture can have a thousand words, but like any good story it needs a clear, concise, message that connects with its audience.

Storyteller. Artist. Photographer. Which comes first?

I got an e-mail from Judy. In part it read “It’s just a germinating idea right now but I would love to get some exceptional pictures… Maybe we could have coffee one day.”

We met, had coffee and talked. Judy had been looking at my website

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Feeling Appreciated

Feeling appreciated by your clients is one of the best assets of any business, particularly when what they are investing in is your creativity.

I received a notice through my web-site contact page that said something getting some portraits done. It was a little sketchy and vague on details. I responded trying to be polite and get more details. The details I got were something to the effect

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Are you afraid of cameras?


Are you afraid of camera? They’re all around us, so why do we fear the street photographer that is preserving the way we live for future generations?

Will future generations know what the early twenty first century looked and what we did? I recently came across two articles that embraced the importance of street and documentary photography. The links for them follow.


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Is it any fun?


“Is it any fun?” Words from one of my all time favourite movies: Mr. Holland’s Opus.

I had a relaxing, enlightening and thought provoking New Year’s Eve with my wife, Jan. She got out one of my all time favourite movies, Mr. Holland’s Opus and we watched it together. It’s more than just a relaxing movie to me. It’s about somebody

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Good Portraits & Your Legacy


Legacy; does your portrait make the statement you want to be remembered by?

I learned a lesson; that good portraits are still important, so important that they may be your legacy.

Something happened this past week that reassured me that the need for “good” classical portraiture still exists and is appreciated. Unfortunately

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First seeing with your eyes


Before you make a picture you must first see with your eyes.

I wanted to get out and create some images of the fall colours. There’s a spot that I have been watching for a few years now, telling myself I need to go for a hike through there with my camera. It’s an hour and a half drive away near Lake Erie

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